Meet the Team

Melissa Steele

Melissa has always been a “jack of all trades” and entrepreneur, starting her first company at age ten. She’s come a long way from those days, having played a part in not only her own companies’ successes, but a variety of other start-ups, as well. Having purchased her first home at age 21, Melissa has always had a passion for real estate and investing and after purchasing four additional properties as investments before the age of 25, Melissa was excited to explore a career in Real Estate.

In 2015, just weeks after their marriage, Melissa and her husband John co-founded their business Steele San Diego Homes, Inc. Melissa and John are committed to providing their clients with a different and FUN, service-based, technology-driven, real estate experience. In her free time Melissa enjoys snuggling her cat Boots, soaking up the sun on the beach, spending time with friends and family, and coloring!

John Steele

John got his start in the real estate industry as an assistant helping out other agents with their business. Being one of the younger team members in the office and having a strong grasp of computers and technology, John quickly found himself as the go-to person for things like websites, landing pages, social media and online marketing. After about a year, John was eager to learn more and joined one of San Diego’s biggest and most notable real estate re-developers to assist them in their day to day operations.

Here, John was able to learn an incredible amount of knowledge as he was involved in various aspects of over 100+ real estate projects. Soaking up as much information as he could, John soon realized that it was time to step out on his own. Having always been very calculated and analytical, and after working in the industry for a few years, John saw an incredible amount of opportunity and room for improvement and in 2015 started Steele San Diego Homes, Inc. with Melissa. While John has truly found a passion in real estate, he also enjoys spending time with friends and family, staying active and enjoying San Diego’s amazing weather, reading, self development, and video games.

Jordan Holmes

I was born in Hawaii but have lived in San Diego for most of my life. I went to school at Northern Arizona University where I studied Hotel and Restaurant Management, with a minor in business administration. I loved my courses, but while working in the field I discovered restaurant management was not the right path for me.

I searched for something that would allow me to grow personally and professionally. My mother has worked in real estate most of my life, and I knew how much she loved the industry, so I decided to start searching there. CT Homes allowed me to dip my toes in the world of real estate and introduced me to highly motivated, professional, young individuals like myself.

John Steele trained me to take over his position at CT Homes before him and Melissa went full-force with their real estate dreams. It was there that I got to know him and Melissa on a personal level over the course of 2 years. When my fiancé Stephen got orders (Marine) to move to North Carolina, I was blessed to have John and Melissa present me with a position I couldn’t refuse. I’m not sure where this career will take me, but knowing the Steele’s so well, I know it will amount to something great!

Justine Wolf

Justine is from Flagstaff, Arizona and attended Northern Arizona University (NAU), where she received a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Restaurant Management (HRM). Shortly after graduating from NAU, she and two other NAU alumni loaded up a U-Haul and headed west to San Diego. San Diego has been her home for 14 years.

Justine utilized her HRM degree by working in the restaurant industry for 11 years, where she became proficient in her interpersonal communication skills, which are undoubtedly an asset in the real estate industry.

In 2010, Justine embarked on a whole new journey and decided to join the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. She was a deputy for 4 years before she had her son and decided to build a career in real estate. Her hard work ethic and values are indisputably in sync with the members of the Steele Team.

Brandon Burho

Born and raised in Richmond, VA, Brandon has an extensive background in the business of relationship building, but some would prefer to call it sales. In order to accomplish a lifelong dream of diving into the real estate industry, he packed his bags and headed west.

Immediately upon arriving in San Diego, Brandon began his real estate journey with a full service real estate brokerage that had a strong focus on corporate rentals and extended stay furnished housing. After about 3.5 years of dealing with strictly rentals, Brandon thought it would be time to branch out into the world of real estate sales. Eager to transition and learn, he joined one of the leading brokerages in the industry in order to gain important knowledge and tools that would support him in accomplishing his BIG goals.

Fast forward a few months, Brandon enrolled in a personal development training called Ascension Leadership Academy, which allowed him to meet Melissa Steele. Little known at the time, she was part of a POWERHOUSE real estate duo in San Diego along with her husband John.

One of Brandon’s biggest takeaways from the training was to follow his heart with intention and without hesitation, which led him to join forces with Steele San Diego Homes and the rest is all history.

In his spare time, Brandon enjoys hanging out and connecting with friends and family, giving back to the community, engaging in personal development, playing sports, and going to the beautiful beaches of sunny San Diego!

April Delfin

Loving what she does and putting her heart into it is what defines April in fulfilling her tasks. Working overseas, helping realtors with administrative and marketing tasks, April was able to manage expectations and instill confidence towards her clients.

Over the last 5 years, fun-loving April was able to stand by her principle: Integrity, Reliability and Accountability.

Being part of the Team Steele, the duo who always sees things positively, April shares their mission to provide every client the best experience through innovative yet smooth and honest approach.


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