Off-Market Listings


Reach out to see if we have anything that fits your needs

    Our off-market properties are available exclusively to our clients.  We know how hard it is to lock up a home in today’s aggressive market, which is why we like having 100+ properties in our back pocket to offer to you.  These properties have not yet been listed and can not be found on the MLS.  Most of these homes are going through a remodel or renovation, and will be move-in ready upon completion. Occasionally, we also have fixer or cosmetic remodel properties on our inventory sheet.

    We work very hard to network with a large group of investors and follow up with them monthly to find out where their new properties and projects are located.  We then compile a list of the coming-soon properties and provide them to you exclusively on our website.

    Because these off-market properties are not currently listed on the MLS, very few people know that they will soon become available.  If a property interests you and the job site is safe, we can offer you a private showing.  If you love the home, you are even able to submit an offer on it before it hits the market.  It reduces competition and is a win-win for the buyer and the seller.  The seller ends up being able to sell their home at market value without the added costs of marketing and additional hold time.   The buyer is able to submit their offer and be considered before the property is available to the general public.  In a market where we often see 5-10 offers on well-priced homes, this gives you a huge advantage.

    In certain instances, depending on where the investor is currently at in the construction and remodel process, the buyer is able to choose certain finishes within the home.  Examples of ways past clients have been able to customize their home was by choosing flooring, countertops, cabinets, back splash, light fixtures, and more.  You can truly create your own dream home if timing works out!

    Reach out today! We’d love to provide you with the projected price point, home details, and see if the property is in a condition to do an exclusive walk-through.  If it is, we’d love to show it to you!

    Disclaimer: We offer as much information as we can on each property depending on what stage of construction it is in. We ask that you please be understanding that projects and plans sometimes change, so we do our best to keep clients updated of any amendments. There is no guarantee that we can lock up a property, but we always do our best and our investors love accommodating if the offers are fair.

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